Monday, March 30, 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gearing up for the YA Spring Fling Giveaway

Author Sarah Dalton is hosting a HUGE party!

The giveaway will go live on the 20th March and run until the 3rd April. From now until then all sign-ups are guaranteed at least one ebook of their choice.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Fall in Deep and WIN!

Coming Summer 2015

From mermaids to sirens, Miami to Athens, dark paranormal romance to contemporary stories with steam, the fifteen award-winning and best-selling authors of the Falling in Deep collection are bringing you mermaid tales like you've never seen before.

Every week beginning June 1st, 2015, we'll be releasing one unique, never-before-published novella! Each novella will feature our favorite creature of the deep: mermaids. 
Immersed, my novella in the series, takes place in a steampunk version of 1850s Chicago.  Melusine slays monsters for a living.  Nothing is too tough for her; she can take on a cyclops or a werewolf or a three-tailed dragon without even breaking a sweat.  So why is falling in love so terrifying?  It may be that she has a secret dark and dangerous enough to completely shatter her world. Release date: August 18, 2015

Get VIP info, heads up on giveaways and stay ahead of the game on each new release by signing up for the newsletter right here!  Enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Never Too Late to Learn

Somehow Fortune has smiled on me and I've managed to fall in with some of the most awesome Indie authors around.  It happened with the Celestial anthology and now it's happening again. 

The Blazing Indie Collective writers have inspired and taught me so much over the past few months.  Although I think they were all born with super-human doses of energy and ideas -- and I can barely keep up -- I was able to sneak my way into an upcoming box-set of novellas that will be published this summer. Check out our FB page for the collection: Falling In Deep

I'm working on the book right now and, while I don't normally love research, I'm loving this!

The novella, Immersed, is Steampunk that takes place in Chicago circa late 1850s.  Now I knew that Chicago was built on marshland and was basically sinking into the muck.  And I also knew that disease was rampant in this environment, since the sewer system needed to be overhauled, and good.  But I didn't realize how the city streets were actually RAISED between four to eight feet to accommodate a new sewer pipes, gas pipes, etc.

This meant that since the streets and sidewalks were raised, the buildings needed to be as well.  Using jacks, buildings were lifted several feet and new foundations were laid underneath. But not all owners wanted to do this or could afford to do so.  Therefore, some decided instead to relocate entire buildings, pulling them down the street on rollers!  And others...well, others just decided to leave their homes as is.  That meant the ground floor became the basement, and the second story was now the first!  You can still see houses in certain areas of Chicago that were never raised:

from /Pilsen Plus on photobucket

Now, seriously?  How cool is that?

Check out some blogs and webpages on the raising of Chicago streets:  An Illustrated History from Chicago Magazine, Street Grades from Encyclopedia of Chicago, Raising of Chicago on Wikepedia

Thursday, January 8, 2015


"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." --George Orwell

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Calling it Quits

I'm a chronic quitter.

Recently, a conversation at dinner with relatives about this problem of mine bothered me so much that I -- guess what? -- got up and left the table.

Don't get me wrong -- if I have a responsibility, I follow through.  You can count on me to do what I say I will.  That's a fact. 

However, give me a task that no one is waiting with bated breath for me to finish and I...well...I usually won't finish it.  When the going gets tough, I get going.   For example:

Getting my permit to drive a boat on Lake Leman: I took one boating class listing all the ways one was to hang a flag to communicate with other boaters and knew I wouldn't continue.  It was too much like learning a new language.

Learning Swiss German (Bernese dialect): Listened to three tracks on the cd and figured I'd forget it.  This was learning a new language.  I'd had a hard enough time with French, but Swiss German was a tongue twister.

Driving stick shift: 10 lessons with a driving teacher that could make Satan seem lovable.  I actually broke into tears every time I reached an intersection.  Thank God for automatic.

Making macarons:  I got a fancy macaron kit and a ton of brightly colored food dye.  So far, I haven't even gotten as far as whipping up egg whites.  I mean, yes, it looks good, but it also looks like work.

Playing any and all Super Mario games:  Hit with X. Jump with A. Spin with Y.  Boost your power with B.  Uh, no.  I prefer the letters of the alphabet to spell something. Ciao, Mario.

Learning Jass:  Have you ever played this Swiss card game?  No?  Then don't judge.  Yes?  Then you should know why I quit.

Using a pressure cooker:  Let me just say it took days to clean the kitchen. Never again.

So why not add writing to that list?

Today while I was suffering in front of the computer, trying in vain to write, it occurred to me I could just quit. I could just forget writing completely.  I mean, it's what I usually do when things get difficult.  I wrote two books this year that have yet to see a publishing contract. Writing the third has been nothing but slow and steady torture. It's not like the world is waiting for me to pen something else. 

So why haven't I quit?  It might make my life easier.  Hell, it might even make my life better....

Writing is hard and I ask myself every day why I do it.  And every day I decide to continue even though I don't exactly know the answer. There are times when writing is fun and fulfilling.  But most often, I find writing an awful, difficult ordeal because I want to do it well.   I don't know if I write because it heals a gaping wound in my gut or if it's the act of writing that's created an ulcer. Do I write because when I see the word count stacking up, I finally feel worthy or I finally know it'll be finished?  Or do I do it because when I don't write, I don't like who I am?  But when I don't like who I am, I often don't want to write.  

I'm not sure what the real reason is.  But maybe it doesn't matter. Whatever the reason I write, it is vital to my being.

I'm a chronic quitter. I've given up on sewing, dancing, accounting, biking, running, tutoring and (luckily for all of you) singing.  But I never intend to give up on writing.

Just don't ask me why.