Friday, September 28, 2012

Living History

So this post doesn't really have anything to do with writing.  And it's not YA.  It's a post to celebrate my father's life:  he is 90 years old today (Yes, you read that right.  He had me late).

To me, he's the man who tucked me in at night when I was little and sang me to sleep, his voice crackling on the chorus of "Massa Dear".  He's the one who entertained my best friend and I by writing our names backwards on fancy paper name tags. He's the one taught me a real man is gentle with children, respectful to his wife and isn't afraid to unplug a blocked toilet.

But he's also living history:  A young boy who learned to love lard sandwiches during the Great Depression.  An artistic airplane mechanic in WWII who painted the naked woman onto the 84th bomb group's B-24 bomber.  A father of six who managed to give his kids a happy childhood on a Parks & Rec department salary.  A man whose life has spanned nearly a century. 

There is so much I do not know about my dad's past.  So much that I never bothered to ask because he was just "Dad"; I guess I never saw him as his own person.  But I won't let another year go by without finding out who he was, really, before I came along.   There are stories there to be told, to be understood, to be cherished.

What are some memories that should not be forgotten?

Love you, Dad.  Happy Birthday.



  1. What a great post, Katie - thank you. Also, I am off to see if I can re-create a modern version of those lard sandwiches!

    1. and it's versatile: add sugar to the lard for dessert!

  2. Wonderful post and happy birthday to your dad. And the...what the who? Lard sandwiches?????