Monday, August 12, 2013

Guest Post by Lailah, 13, Emma, 10, Elodie, 6: Untethered in One Page

Since it's still summer vacation and I still have the kids (and their cousins who are visiting for the month of August), I figured I would once again have them participate in writing my blog.  My two daughters and one of their cousins wanted to take part.  So here it is.

The writing prompt was the first two sentences of Untethered: "I'm stuck in this body. And I can't get out."

They then wrote the story.

Lailah: I'm stuck in this body. And I can't get out. So I jump up and down then I fall down and hit my head.  And I'm bleeding. I stop it. Just then I feel like I'm out!  No! It's just my soul.  I go back in and wake myself up.  Then I'm out.

Emma: I'm stuck in this body. And I can't get out. And I have a secret. A very special secret that I will tell you soon. Just listen to me.  You know I have secret powers -- powers no one thought existed.  I changed bodies from me to somebody else.  I'm trying to get out but I can't and I'm stuck forever in here.
"Hey, how are you doing?" asked this weirdo.
"Why are you talking to me.  I do not know you. Ahhhh!" I screamed.
He helped me to get out.

Elodie:  I'm stuck in this body. And I can't get out. HELP! HELP!  How do I get out of this body? Yes, I got it.  I take my hand and push it out of the body.  Then the other hand. Then I push my whole self out.

Geesh. I don't know why I wrote eighteen drafts and 340 pages of Untethered.  Looks like it can be done in less than a page.  Sigh.

Thank you, girls!


  1. Ha ha! Now, shall we re-write 'the classics' in two paragraphs, too? Hmmm, new blog post, perhaps..!!

  2. What a cute idea! Though it sounds like you may have some competition ;)

    1. Maybe I can hire them as ghost writers!

  3. I want your children to write my books for me. It will save so much time xxx