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Melusine DorĂ© slays monsters for a living. The grim and gruesome don’t frighten her; she can take on a cyclops or a three-tailed dragon without even breaking a sweat. But falling in love? Falling in love terrifies her. Because love has the power to reveal a secret dark and dangerous enough to completely shatter her world

Submerged (Adventure Two in the Clockwork Siren Series)

When Melusine and Levi go hunt a beast down South, Melusine’s deepest fear becomes a reality as she finds herself in exactly the place where all her troubles began: home. There, Melusine must face the dark secrets and lies of her family’s past—and the very real possibility that she is more monster than maiden.

When Melusine and Levi discover that someone is trapping and torturing monsters, they're led on a journey to a traveling freak show. A simple investigation quickly turns into a tangled mess. Levi goes missing and Melusine must tap into all her unusual talents to find and rescue her lover. This time though, Melusine won't be the deadliest fish in the sea.  

Sixteen-year-old Sylvie has the ability to leave her body and astral project. While it could be like a superpower, for her it’s a curse.  That is, until she embraces its dark side and opens herself to evil.  But her newfound power quickly spirals out of control. An Indie B.R.A.G. award winner and a finalist in the Mslexia YA novel competition.

In the Celestial anthology: ‘Love Me or Love Me Not’

Six months ago, Star’s parents left her with a disturbing secret, one she's guarded despite everything. But as the comet she’s been observing grows brighter and brighter in the sky, the consequences of keeping that secret come to light. A tragic story exploring sanity, love, and the quest for fulfillment.

Clarisse Davies is by far the hottest girl in Scott's 1957 high-school class. No one but the school stud, Jay, seems to even have a chance with her. Yet when Scott's friends realize he can perfectly imitate Jay's voice, they come up with a plan that will give him the opportunity to kiss Clarisse. But at what price?

Immersed, Submerged and Surfaced at an advantageous price when you buy them as a set.


  1. My mom gave me this book to read because she knows the woman who wrote it. I usually don't like it when my mom tries to tell me what to read but this time she really got it right. I really enjoyed the book (although I had to look up what untethered meant).
    Sylvie is a really good character and some of the things she says and feels are a lot like the things I might say and do feel. Also the story line is very exciting. There's always something happening and not long boring bits of description. In fact, I read the book in 4 days (it's 340 pages!!!) because I just had to find out what was going to happen with all her astral travelling and out-of-body stuff. And then the 2nd part of the book, where she gets trapped in someone else's body - that was just so exciting.
    I just sped through the last part because I had to find out how she was going to get out of there. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about teenagers and really understanding what they think, or people who like to read about paranormal kind of stuff.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the novel! That makes my day! :)

  2. Katie,
    My name is Kathy and I am Mike Stackman's sister! We met for the first time at Mike and Michelle's wedding. I actually have a picture of you holding my daughter, who was the flower girl, before the ceremony. You may remember we re met this summer at Mikayla's graduation party and spoke briefly about your book. I work at a small library and purchase the books for birth thru teen. I returned home and purchased your book for the library. One of the ladies I work with noticed your book during processing and commented that it looked interesting! I just finished your book and must say I am impressed! Loved all the references to Racine and I plan to book talk this to middle school students when I visit them in school next month. I think the astral projection will appeal to them as much as it did to me.
    I look forward to your next book.

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy! I'm happy you enjoyed the book. If there is anything I can do to make any book talks more fun or interesting (swag, discussion questions, you name it), I'd be glad to.

      Thank you again!!

    2. and by swag what do you mean? I am talking to 7th grade students about your book next month.

    3. Bookmarks or postcards or stickers... I will be changing the cover art in the next couple weeks, but will have the new stuff by next month. Want to send me an email and we can work it out? Click the little envelope icon on the upper right hand of the page and it should take you to my email. If not, I can message my address to Mike over facebook. Thank you!

  3. Hi Katie! It's Mimi Adams, we met in October at the Geneva's writer's group. I bought your book "Untethered" and just finished reading it. I thought it was fantastic! The ending was beautiful, when she realizes that all along, she had a pretty good life. At the beginning, I didn't like Sylvie too much, because she got on my nerves. I just don't like those charachters who is so obsessed with one boy that she doesn't have a chance with, and who is constantly comparing herself to others, and who's self-esteem is as low as the center of the earth. But then, I liked when she saw herself from a diffrent perspective, and she saw her world as is truly is, from another's point of view. It was a really clever way to change her, and to make her aware of the truth of her surroundings.
    On the whole, I though that this book had a really well-thought out plot, and a good moral to the story.
    I was wondering what happened to Nelson? Does he get together with Sylvie? I'd love a small sequel, just a chapter or so, just about the two. And also, I was wondering what happened to Kevin when he was out of his body. Did he get into someone else? Who? How did he communicate with her? Could you write a small chapter on part two, from his point of view?

    I also wanted to talk to you about the young writer's group that you had discussed? Have you found a place? When will it be? I'd like to participate and know the details, so is there any way I can get a contact?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Mimi! Thanks so much for your comments on Untethered. At some point, I intend to write a sequel, but it may be a while... If you want more info on the writing workshops for young adults, you can write to me at the info address on the GWG website (or click on the contact me button here). There will be workshops starting up after the new year near the train station.